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Small Animal Services


All consultations are done by appointment to minimise your waiting time. However, as we are a fully functional hospital, emergencies do arise which occasionally may mean some delays in schedules occur. We have a broad range of skills within our veterinary team, and also have established links for specialist referral if need be.


Vaccinations are a crucial part of your pet’s healthcare. We offer a full range of vaccinations for your cat or dog, as well as Calicivirus vaccinations for rabbits, and distemper for ferrets. We strongly recommend an annual health check, and vaccination if required, which will not always be the case as some vaccines are now administered only every third year.

Over the Counter Products

We stock a range of over the counter products including treatments  to assist with flea and worm problems as well as tick prevention. We also stock medicated shampoos, dental care products, joint supplements, wound care products, as well as milk replacements and teats for rearing wildlife.

Pet Shop

We have a fully stocked pet shop. We stock a range of super premium pet food including brands such as Advance, Royal Canin, and Hills. We also stock a range of collars and leads, toys, treats, dog coats, animal specific cleaning products, chook food and rabbit and guinea pig food just to name a few!


We offer a range of routine desexing services for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and ferrets. Animal desexing is a vital part of the management of our companion animals, both to prevent unwanted pregnancies which so often results in euthanasia or neglect, but can also be very important for the long term health of your pet, with this health benefit being of particular importance for dogs and ferrets. We welcome your enquiry if you have concerns on these or any other issues. All our desexing  patients receive post operative pain relief, but  antibiotics  are not routinely necessary due to the high quality of our operating theatre and staff skill.


We have excellent surgical facilities and equipment, which combined with a highly skilled team of veterinarians and qualified veterinary nurses, ensures the best possible outcomes for your pet. Our anaesthetic  safety record is the envy of most practices, which combined with the latest equipment and modern anaesthetic drugs, means safe and successful outcomes can be expected, even with the very elderly or critically ill patients. Our veterinary staff are able to offer the full suite of surgical interventions including general soft tissue surgery, oncology, and orthopaedics including fracture repair and corrective surgeries for congenital or developmental problems. We also have particular expertise in ophthalmic surgery.

Dog and Cat Dentistry

Dental care is an important part of your animal’s healthcare. Dental disease often goes unnoticed or unrecognized by owners, resulting in needless pain and suffering by you pet, as well as the risk of serious ill health as a consequence. Many of the small breed dogs develop life threatening heart disease as a result of poor dental health!  Signs of dental disease can include bad breath, difficulty eating and swallowing, and resultant weight loss.

Our staff can help you with a range of preventative dental care products, including specialized foods, to assist in maintenance of a healthy mouth.  The early stages of dental disease are the development of plaque and resultant tartar, which often requires a general anaesthetic to enable a dental clean and polish. Unfortunately extractions are often required if the problem has been left untreated for too long.. Our state of the art dental machine provides excellent results, ensuring fast and effective treatment to minimize anaesthetic length and thereby maximize patient safety.

Pocket Pets

Our veterinary team includes staff with a particular interest in pocket pets, ensuring high quality care and advice, including dental care and desexing if required. The level of knowledge and expertise within this specialized field of veterinary care has increased dramatically over recent years, enabling provision of high quality service.

Pet Grooming

We offer a range of grooming services, for both dogs and cats. Our grooming services are very competitively priced and range from a simple bath to a full all over clip, bath & blow dry. Our veterinary nurses are talented at transforming your hairy and matted messes into manicured beauties.

Puppy Pre-School

Puppy Pre School provides owners and their new puppies with important socialization skills as well as training and health care advice. Our classes are professionally conducted with an experienced veterinary nurse using gentle reward based methods and professional advice. The classes are held in the waiting room of our Deloraine clinic, creating happy memories at the vets for life.

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