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Farm Animal Veterinary Services

Beef Cattle

We offer a general all round service, including individual animals with 24 hour availability for emergencies, herd health, Johne’s disease market assurance programmes, and pregnancy testing, utilising ultrasound wherever possible for both cow comfort, operator safety and enabling accurate early pregnancy diagnosis and foetal ageing if required.

Bull Breeding Soundness Examinations

We are also fully equipped to perform Veterinary Bull Breeding Soundness Examinations (BBSE). This examination is recommended for all bulls prior to joining to ensure they are fertile and capable of serving cows. The examination is comprised of 3 main components – physical assessment (including gait, internal and external sex organs), on-farm semen motility assessment (using portable microscope) and semen morphology (performed on a preserved semen sample by an external lab).

We are regularly performing this service for both our dairy and beef cattle farmers to ensure that their bulls are at optimal fertility. A common argument is “I just use more bulls to compensate for the duds” – this simply does not stack up with the facts of life, which we are happy to discuss.


Whilst the local sheep population has declined over the recent decades, we maintain an ability to service this industry with individual animals if required, as well as flock health including parasite control advice, and accredited veterinarians for the Tasmanian Ovine Brucellosis Free Eradication Scheme.

Other Farm Animals

You name it, we will look after it. Alpacas, pigs, poultry, and goats are just some of the creatures that occupy our thoughts and abilities from time to time.

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