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Equine Veterinary Services


We offer extensive services in equine reproduction, including breeding difficult mares with a poor reproductive history.

Much can be achieved with problem mares to enhance their ability to conceive and maintain a pregnancy, and this may involve initial hospitalisation to enable regular ultrasound examinations to determine when ovulation will occur, followed by insemination or natural service and then further treatments to eliminate any subsequent post service infection. Initial pregnancy diagnosis is best performed at around 17 days, which facilitates identification and  removal of a twin if present.

We also offer artificial insemination with chilled or frozen semen, with excellent success rates, and stallion collection for semen transport interstate. Mares can be foaled down under veterinary supervision, and we are also experienced in post partum management and foal care.

Most of this part of the business is conducted from the residence of Dr Roger Blackwell, enabling 24 hour intervention if need be.

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