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Equine Dentistry

Dental disease causes pain and suffering for many horses. It is very common and often left untreated through lack of knowledge, or poorly and inadequately treated for a variety of reasons.  The importance of regular routine high quality dental care for your horse cannot be overstated, as apart from the needless pain they suffer, there  is a real risk of further, even life  threatening secondary illnesses and infections. Our vets have undertaken further education and training specifically in equine dentistry, ensuring that your horse’s teeth are in good hands.

We offer routine and corrective dental work as well as surgical procedures of the head and mouth including routine and complicated   extractions.

If required we can perform head and dental x-rays as well as high quality imaging  of the mouth and sinuses using a variety of video scopes.

All procedures are performed with powerfloat equipment and carried out under sedation and analgesia (pain relief). We have a specifically designed portable equine crush allowing us to perform dental procedures with maximum safety and effectiveness for you and your horse.  This allows us the flexibility to travel to your property or, if you would prefer, we also have a specifically designed undercover crush and associated equine facilities at the clinic.  

We love to teach and educate, and welcome clients to feel and look (you can see inside the entire mouth with powerful lighting), both before and after treatment.

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