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Meet Our Nurses

Kylie Blackwell - Practice Manager

Kylie first started working at our practice in 2003 as a trainee veterinary nurse, and worked with us for 3 years before moving to Melbourne. During her 6 years in Melbourne Kylie worked in a number of different practices including general practice and also in after hour emergency centres. In 2012 Kylie returned home to Tassie to take on the role of Practice Manager.

Kylie spends most of her time in the office, doing accounts and looking after the rest of the team, including  planning and facilitating professional development. She is the go to person for resolving problems or issues. Whilst she rarely steps out of the office she can occaisonally be found caring for unwell neonatal puppies, using skills she has developed due to the many issues she faced whilst breeding her own bulldog.


Kylie is the proud owner of a British Bulldog named Peppa Pig.


In her spare time Kylie enjoys spending time with her dog, horse riding, and spending time with family and friends

Shannon Lee - Senior Veterinary nurse

Shannon joined our team in January 2002 as an experienced veterinary nurse. Shannon’s many years of experience bring a wealth of knowledge to our junior nursing staff. Shannon spends the majority of her working day out with our patients.

Shannon particularly enjoys emergency and critical care, monitoring anaesthetics, and equine nursing. Her skills are  often  of vital importance as part of the team work involved in  achieving the many miraculous outcomes that happily walk out our door back to their loving homes.


Shannon is the proud owner of many animals including many horses, dogs and a cat.


Shannon enjoys competing in the equestrian sport of showjumping.


Sophie Orchard


Sophie joined our team in October 2018 as a trainee veterinary nurse. 

Shari Johnstone - Veterinary nurse


Shari joined our team in 2008 as a trainee nurse working Saturday mornings at the Deloraine clinic. Shari has gained lots of experience since this time. Shari now works predominately at our Westbury clinic.


Shari owns numerous pets including 4 dogs, a cat, 2 ponies, a horse, a ferret, numerous aviary birds, and a flock of show pigeons.


In her spare time Shari enjoys fishing, craft work, reading, spending time with her animals



Melinda Bramich (nee Blackwell)


Hannah Johnstone

Hannah joined our team in May 2019 as a trainee veterinary nurse.Hannah is interested in small animals but particularly enjoys pocket pets and exotics such as rabbits, guinea pigs and birds.


Hannah has a Maremma named Wilson, a mini lop rabbit named Penelope, and a canary named George.


When not at work Hannah can usually be found playing basketball.

Mikayla Schnoor


Lauren Edser

Sherette Scott



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