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Animal Care Articles

This is an itchy skin condition caused buy an allergic reaction to larval forms of Onchocerca (Neck Threadworm).

The hydatid tapeworm (Echinococcus granulosis) is one of seven tapeworms known to infect dogs in Australia. The lifecycle of this parasite can involve a number of animals, including humans.

Bacterial Respiratory Diseases in Horses

Prevention of bacterial respiratory infections, such as Strangles, bacterial pneumonia and travel sickness or shipping disease, is very important.

Household Poisons That Can Harm Your Cat

Cats are much more susceptible to poisons than dogs are, so this article contains some timely warnings about cats and poisons that can affect them.

Moving House With Pets

It's difficult moving house. The packing, cleaning, huffing and puffing and then the unpacking and associated dramas at your new home are as stressful for you as they are for your pets.

Equine Dental Care Guide

Efficient digestion in the horse starts when the food is taken in and chewed, therefore routine attention to the teeth is an important part of feeding management.

Daily inspection and cleaning out of the hooves (before and after exercise) is essential to avoid hoof problems that can result in lameness.

Alpacas are susceptible to similar diseases as sheep and cattle.

A well-formulated home mixed ration provides the flexibility to meet each individual horse’s stage and response to training, appetite level and feed intake, along with their changing needs.

Control of Calving Difficulty in Beef Heifers

Calving difficulty in beef heifers can be a major source of financial loss, due to a calf death rate of up to 10% in heifer herds and in some cases, loss of the heifer as well.

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