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Animal Care Articles

Show hacks and dressage horses must not only be highly trained to exhibit faultless manners and movement, but be presented in a robust, well conditioned appearance with a shiny hair coat.

Scouring in Young Calves

Scours (diarrhoea) is probably the most common problem encountered by calf rearers, usually within the first month of life. Calves often become quieter and go off their feed, followed by scouring.

Sheep Health During A Drought

If sheep remain in good store condition during the drought then they will experience very little disease. However, if the stock are stressed, then diseases are much more likely to occur.

The Secrets of Successful Dog Training

Whether training a new puppy or solving simple behaviour problems, the central tenet is the same – reward your dog for getting things right! By adopting a reward-orientated training program, it is not necessary to punish your dog at all.

Reluctant To Get Your Dog Desexed?

Many owners of male dogs are reluctant to have their dog desexed or 'fixed'. There are many health and behaviour benefits to desexing your dog so are there any alternatives? A contraceptive implant is available for male dogs that temporarily suppresses testosterone without the need for surgical intervention.

Vibriosis In Cattle

Vibriosis (bovine venereal campylobacteriosis, or BVC) is venereal disease of cattle caused by the bacterium Campylobacteriosis fetus venerealis. This sexually transmitted disease is a major cause of infertility and abortion.

Aquarium filters remove solid wastes, create water flow and aeration, and chemically clean the water.

Reward-Based Dog Training

Don't punish the bad, reward the good! With reward-based training, you manufacture better results with speed, develop a stronger relationship with your dog and improve your dog's contentment and quality of life.

Fat cats are happy cats! Or so we are led to believe by many cartoons, films and stories. However, obesity is a common problem among today’s household cats and there are many potential adverse effects.

Most of the newer worm drenches and pastes available on the market today are highly effective and safe. However, some worms have the ability to become resistant to worming drugs.

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