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Animal Care Articles

Is Your Bird Sick?

Birds have learnt to hide signs of illness in order to survive. This instinct, known as the masking phenomenon, is just as strong in pet birds as it is in wild birds. Learn how to recognise the early warning signs.

House-Soiling Behaviour In Dogs

Is your dog staining its reputation? A previously perfect pooch may begin to soil the home for many reasons. The first step is to determine whether the problem is medical or behavioural.

Protect Your Horse from Back Pain

Back pain in horses can be subtle or obvious. It can manifest as shifting lameness or just a generally sour attitude and is sometimes tricky to diagnose and hard to relieve.

Bovine Virus Diarrhoea (BVD) and Mucosal Disease (MD) are caused by a pestivirus. There are a number of different strains of pestivirus, both aggressive and mild, but the mild strains are still an important factor in the development of MD.

Caring For Your Bird

Once you have taken your bird home, you become fully responsible for its care and well-being. It is not good enough to just put them in a cage with some seed and water, and hope for the best.

Lameness in Store Weaner Cattle

When recently purchased weaner cattle become lame there is a tendency to blame the hard floor surfaces of the saleyards through which they transited. However, lameness, like many diseases, is caused by multiple factors.

Good conformation covers many of those attributes by which horsemen through experience have related to a trouble-free show, performance or breeding horse.

Alpacas are susceptible to similar diseases as sheep and cattle.

Control of Calving Difficulty in Beef Heifers

Calving difficulty in beef heifers can be a major source of financial loss, due to a calf death rate of up to 10% in heifer herds and in some cases, loss of the heifer as well.

It is a not uncommon experience to find that satisfactory reproductive performance is obtained in the herd during the artificial breeding period, but that the reproductive performance of the cows that fail to conceive during the artificial breeding period

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