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Animal Care Articles

Super Fibres

Augmenting the diets of horses with 'super fibres' will increase the energy content of rations. An added boon to the use of super fibres is the positive effects they have on preserving gastrointestinal health.

Provided mares have adequate feed and are in reasonable bodily condition, they have a chance to commence their breeding cycles with the onset of spring weather.

If your dog has an allergic reaction to flea saliva, just one or two fleas can make it intensely itchy. Scratching and biting can result in uncomfortable redness, scaliness and sores.

Rat Tales

Have you ever considered a rascally rat as a pet? Rats make fascinating buddies and are easy to maintain.

Nutrition for the Exuberant Equine!

At some stage in their lives, many horse people find themselves with a horse that displays naughty, wilful or playful behaviour. The causes of this behaviour can be many and varied but will often include

Canaries are active and entertaining little birds. If you own a canary or want to have one as a pet, there are a few common conditions that you need to be aware of.

Liver fluke is an internal parasite that can infect and damage the liver and reduce overall productivity of cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, goats, alpacas and deer; humans can also become infected.

Have you ever considered the gastrointestinal tract of the mouse-chasing tabby that skulks around your stable? Does a 2700kg elephant really have anything in common with your horse, digestive or otherwise?

Livestock Cancers

There are many different types of cancers (malignant tumours) that can affect livestock, however most are rare. In Australia, the most common cattle and sheep cancers affect the skin and eyes, and are caused by ultraviolet radiation.

Guidelines For New Puppy Owners

Once your puppy is in his new home, there is a fairly busy time ahead as he gets his health and nutritional needs attended to, and learns proper behaviour.

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