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Animal Care Articles

Young horses in work may occasionally develop a weeping or crusty rash-like condition under the girth, commonly during wet, humid conditions or where the skin is softened or abraded by an ill-fitting girth.

Vigilance is urged for horse owners with wet summer conditions leading to increased mosquito activity and a heightened risk of mosquito-borne diseases.

Healthy Teats: a great defense mechanism

Mastitis risk is a numbers game - greater numbers of bacteria near the teat end increase the risk of infections occuring. Maintenance of healthy teat skin and teat ends is a key requirement for an effective mastitis program.

Guidelines for Hand-Feeding Baby Birds

Hand-feeding baby birds is only a substitute for parent-raised birds but it does have certain advantages. The hand-raised baby usually makes a better pet as it has been completely socialised with humans.

Selenium Deficiency

Original interest in selenium primarily related to its toxicity. However, since 1957, this mineral has been recognised as an essential component in the diet of sheep and cattle.

On Deaf Ears

Science is coming to the aid of deaf dogs and cats, with better diagnostic protocols and even the installation of pet hearing aids being possible.

Liver Fluke and Milking Cows

On many farms the control of liver fluke relies on treating all of the cows in the herd at drying off with an effective fluke treatment.

Ice Breakers

Winter is on the way, folks! The cold and clammy fingers of winter have started to slide under your pets' collars so here are ten cool tips to warm your pets.

Information on BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy), cattle imports and the tracing program.

Getting Good Behaviour From Dogs

Are you having trouble getting your dog to do what you want? By following a few simple strategies, your dog will soon be a canine Einstein.

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